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There are many types of martial arts weapons. These weapons vary from different martial art styles and their origin. Some weapons are used for the sole purpose of demonstration, while some are so lethal that experienced martial artists can only use them. Below you can find a wide variety of traditional and modern martial art weapons.


Barcha is a long-shafted spear with a hook at the spearhead. The hook is used to pull away opponent’s shield during battle. Barcha is usually used in thrusting and slashing motion by a skilled spearman.
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A small ring with 5 to 12 inches in diameter with a sharp outer edge. Chakar is thrown or hurled after being twirled around by the martial artist. Chakar can also be use like a ...
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Dhal is a shield that is round in diameter and varies from eight to twenty-four inches. The shape can differ from fully flat or heavily convex. Usually, there are two handles fastened to the ring ...
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Also known as Gargaj, Gurj, or Indian mace is the adaptation of traditional Gada (mace). This weapon have various shapes and sizes. Gurj is usually used to destroy the opponent's defense; Armor, helmet, or shield. ...
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Katar, also known as Katara, is a special dagger from Indian subcontinent. Katar is categorized as a push dagger with an H shape handle and two sidebars on each side to provide protection. The blade ...
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