Martial art styles


Country of origin

Fencing is a sport that involves combat between two persons using swords as primary weapons. Nowadays, this sport still exists and trending worldwide as martial artists from all over the globe utilize this technique as self-defense. As a matter of fact, this fighting art is often highlighted in several American, European, and even Asian films. If you are familiar with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film, you might have noticed that the actors used this martial art while combating with their assailants.

The modern version of this fighting technique (which is apparently practiced these days), is called Olympic Fencing. This type of fencing has three weapon categories, namely: foil, saber, and epee. Unlike Classical Fencing, which focuses on self-defense, Olympic Fencing directly influences sportsmanship and competition.

When trainees are physically and mentally ready for fencing training, they should expect to learn about the seven fundamental techniques. These techniques will define the level of their fighting and defense abilities.

  • An attack is the first act a trainee may perform in dealing with a fencing competition. It is a form of offensive work where a person has to extend his or her sword and incessantly compromise the opponent all at the same time.
  • In a parry technique, a trainee blocks any offensive attempts made by the opponent against him.
  • A reposte is a form of an offense that counterattacks an opponent. Basically, this type of technique will be performed after a parry technique is done.
  • Parry of Reposte is a technique where a trainee blocks an incoming risposte counterattack.
  • Counter Riposte is another technique that is usually performed after a parry or block of the opponent’s riposte.
  • Counterattack is an aggressive response from the opponent’s attack. It’s typically an answer to the opponent’s attack.
  • Counter time is most likely the same with a counterattack. The difference is that counter time responds to the opponent’s counterattack.

As a form of self-defense, fencing is an excellent hobby to engage with. It basically brings out your confidence and enhances your balance and reflexes. It also gives you better posture and endurance. As a whole, learning fencing techniques is very beneficial to every aspiring martial artist.

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