Eskrima is a martial art technique that was mainly originated and developed in the Philippines. Nowadays, this type of martial art is widely practiced worldwide.

The concept of Eskrima focuses on fighting an opponent using weapons and gears. These weapons include blades and knives. Using these weapons sometimes give an impression that these types of technique ensemble a fencing style. But Eskrima is different compared to fencing because its concept is not the same compared to the latter.

Eskrima also uses a weapon that is called Yantok, a wooden stick that serves as a tool in attacking an opponent. In Eskrima, a trainee is expected to use a Yantok using specific rules and principles.

With or without the use of weapons, a trainee who enrolls in Eskrima may sometimes indulge in a hand to hand combat, grappling, joint locks and techniques that will encourage weapon disarming.

Anyone who will take part in Eskrima training will be taught about different strikes that can be executed in combat. These strikes include:

  • San Miguel – This strike uses a forehand that moves from the striker’s right shoulder to his or her left hipbone.
  • Sinawali – This strike involves the use of double sticks that continuously attack an opponent.
  • Puño – This strike is a powerful strategy that can easily break an opponent’s bones. It mainly targets an opponent’s soft spots using weapons.
  • Hakbang – This strike involves footwork and steppings that can be used in combat.
  • Abanico – This strategy involves wrist-flicking in a fan-shaped wave. It can be a very swift strike that an opponent could hardly notice that he has already been hit.

Eskrima can really be reasonable self-defense. It gives trainees much endurance, muscle strength, and it develops speed and agility. It can be good martial art to engage with, especially for young, future martial artists. They want to take down an assailant in an easy and effective approach.

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