Combat Hapkido

Combat Hapkido is a modern Hapkido martial art. It is a Korean martial art that focuses on kicking, striking, joint locks, styles, and other forms of self-defense. In this style, the techniques are not entirely from the old system - but it focuses more on modern combatant strategies.

This martial art style is often referred to as the ‘Science of Self-defense.’ Mostly because of its concept that simply focuses on scientific applications of human anatomy, psychology, and biokinetics. It interlocks a person’s body to develop skills and necessary strategies for fighting.

In the year 1990, John Pellegrini founded and developed this fighting style. Later on, in the year 1992, he started a governing body called International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICFH). Years later, the so-called federation was given recognition by the Korea Kido Association together with the World Kido Federation. That was the beginning of Combat Hapkido’s popularity. Nowadays, this self-defense strategy is already known worldwide and practiced by several martial artists all over the world.

Combat Hapkido is entirely different compared to the old, traditional Hapkido martial art. Its techniques are developed in an anatomical offense, and these techniques include:

  • Jeet Kune Du
  • Jujutsu
  • Western boxing
  • Kuntao Silat

Combat Hapkido also teaches trainees to implement striking and pressure points through a Tactical Pressure Points (TPP) program. It also encourages a trainee to use weapons while combatting such

  • Cane
  • Dan Bong

Combat Hapkido is extraordinarily powerful and effective in fighting against an assailant. Because of its numerous techniques, anyone who uses this type of martial art will hardly ever be defeated.

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