Country of origin

One of the widely known self-defense techniques is a martial art called capoeira. Capoeira is an original Brazilian martial art that involves not just combating and fighting but also performing dances, rhythm execution and carrying out unique body movements.

Capoeira stands out among other martial arts because not only does it not appear as a fighting technique, but it is also a mix of art, sport, and culture. In capoeira, a trainee learns the art of 'silent communication' to his or her training partner. This communication takes place when each of them creates a dialogue or conversation through body movements. These movements may stand for different meanings.

People who engage in this type of self-defense should anticipate a battle where they have to use both their upper and lower limbs. Capoeira's technique includes attacking with kicking, knee striking, hitting, and dodging attacks from the opponent. Doing these fighting techniques may give them the feeling that they are dancing because of the swinging and musical movements that they will execute while fighting.

Before you start to train in capoeira, you should obtain a medical clearance from a doctor. You should be able to do some basic movements like stretching, push-ups, and sit-ups. You are also encouraged to do basic evading and footwork techniques. When you can perform these movements for minutes without any extreme difficulties, then you are all set for the training.

Engaging in capoeira is not just about learning fighting techniques to defend yourself and your loved ones. It's also about enjoying the sport at the same time. Once you take part in the training, you will gain lots of confidence and improve your body's flexibility and general well-being.

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