Martial art styles


Country of origin

Cambodia has also contributed a great form of self-defense technique to the world - Bokator. This Cambodian martial art was introduced to the world thousands of years ago. This offense and defense technique encourages anyone to practice dealing with unexpected fights through the use of weapons.

Bokator is a self-defense technique that has it all. It’s a complete, traditional and comprehensive type of martial arts. It consists of a wide-range series of techniques. Some of them are striking, throwing, trapping, locking, trapping, ground combatting, executing fights with weapons, and hitting an assailant through pressure point attacks.

In this type of martial arts, trainees use all their body parts as weapons while fighting. During training, the practitioner will undergo specific techniques to enhance their fighting skills. This technique includes striking with knees, elbows, upper and lower extremities, hips, shoulders, jaws, and head. In this type of self-defense, trainees can also expect to execute fighting styles similar to wrestling and kickboxing. All these techniques are performed on the ground.

The weapons that are used when applying Bokator techniques include double swords, double sticks, scarf, and long staff.

Trainees during the learning activity are expected to wear costumes that ensemble the Cambodian Angkor army. Years ago, during the ancient times, Angkor armies mainly applied this martial art techniques in fighting against the enemies. Nowadays, Bokator trainees are still greatly encouraged to use this notable outfit.

As a self-defense technique, this martial art style is fairly effective. It offers resilient offensive techniques to every trainee, especially the ones who are preparing for military courses.

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