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If somebody threatens you against physical violence, you have no choice but to defend yourself. A better way of dealing with the situation is to execute an excellent and effective fighting response known as Bojutsu.

Bojutsu is a type of martial arts that originated in Japan. This type of self-defense is widely known in the world because of its unique fighting styles. As the name implies, bo means wood and jutsu translated to the method. This combination of practicality typically explains that this technique is purely excellent and versatile in form.

Bojutsu is usually known as “staff technique” because it merely involves the use of staff weapons.  The staff, known as bo, is a tall and long stick commonly used by the people in Okinawa and feudal Japan. This martial art styles also encourages trainees to use other weapons such as jo and hanbo, which are also quite long in height.

Learning Bojutsu takes a lot of enthusiasm and determination. This technique requires every trainee to practice intricate hand techniques. Quan Fa and several types of martial arts greatly influence these hand techniques.

What you will expect to learn about this unique technique is that you will get to experience thrusting, swinging and hitting an opponent. An empty-handed movement executes these fighting methods.

Bojutsu can be a practical approach when situations call for it. It can be advantageous to you since you get to use a weapon that can extremely take your opponent to his vulnerability. With proper training and practice, this form of self-defense can be a potent offense.

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