Martial art styles


It isn’t every day that you get to experience a safe and unharmed day. There will be instances when some people threaten your life by suddenly attacking you without notice. These circumstances can be withstood, however, if you know how to defend yourself.

One of the best things to deal with it is through the application of martial arts known as Bojuka.

Bojuka is a modern, reality-based self-defense technique founded by Tom Schrenk in the year 1990. This technique concentrates on enhancing gross motor skills or natural bodily skills a person has acquired during infancy. These skills are ideally kept up by trainees throughout, even in nerve-racking and demanding situations.

Bojuka is referred to as the purest form of self-defense. It’s quick, efficient, and fierce—things that can guard you against anybody who will assault you.

Bojuka mainly highlights three essential ways in self-defense: avoidance, awareness, and practical usage of force. These ways are street-wise and are proven effective in dealing with unanticipated violent encounters.

The Bojuka training system centers on four main skill levels, such as:

Skill Level 1

Skill Level 1, or Defense Hand to Hand Combat, allows trainees to be knowledgeable about the foundation of Bojuka. The training includes body positioning, environmental awareness, and carrying out basic strikes.

Skill Level 2

Skill Level 2, also known as Offensive Hand to Hand Combat and Weapons disarming, teaches already competent trainees on how to respond to unarmed attackers. This training is all about the offensive mode.

Skill Level 3

Skill Level 3 or Armed Self-defense involves training students on how to deal with an opponent using fighting weapons and gears. Examples of weapons that are used during this level are folding knife, stick, or ASP baton.

Skill Level 4

Skill Level 4, or Professional Skills and Instructor Certification, involves a high level of competency training. This time, trainees are expected to be adept and exceedingly skilled. The training focuses on reflex and reaction movements, which are useful in stopping an attacker and entirely giving an effective, practical offense.

Learning Bojuka guarantees effectiveness in defending yourself because the training principally aims vital areas of the body. This means that no matter how skilled your opponent is – if you carry out a correct execution against him, your chances of survival are higher.

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