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Bartitsu is among the several types of martial arts that develop throughout the years. This self-defense technique was initially fashioned in England and was created during the year 1898 to 1902. In the year 1901, this technique was discontinued due to specific reasons. Thankfully, it became a trend once again when it was highlighted in the book Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This art of defense was initiated by Edward William Barton-Wright in the year 1898. He accentuated this art as a technique that is significantly pooled with different fighting styles. This is the reason why Bartitsu is generally known as “mixed martial arts.”

As mixed martial arts, Bartitsu is incorporated with a variety of fighting methods like boxing, wrestling, jujitsu, and fencing. These fighting techniques create a self-defense scheme that is useful when certain situations call for it.


Boxing is a fierce fighting sport by which two combatants powerfully punch one another. In Bartitsu, combatants are not expected to perform a modern boxing style. They are usually trained to carry out the techniques practiced by the boxers during the Golden Age by which they remain stiff and upright while punching.


Wrestling is a form of combat-sport where two combatants force one another into defeat by performing a sequence of dynamic and forceful movements. In a Bartitsu, wrestling may also be included to outmatch an opponent.


Jujitsu is hand-to-hand combat which, does not require you to use any fighting gear. It is a technique that lets you face an armed attacker without using anything other than your body movements. In Bartitsu, jujitsu is useful since it allows you to defend yourself using your force.


Fencing is a quick and classic athletic sport that uses a sword in fighting an opponent. In Bartitsu, you are trained to apply fencing skills but are not necessarily expected to use a sword but anything that resembles it, such as umbrella and cane. Through fencing, you can do a much better and advantageous combating scheme against your attacker.

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