About Martial Art Styles

Martial Art Styles (MAS) is a website that focuses on providing a variety of information on different styles of martial arts. Among our goals is to help our readers to pursue their passion for martial arts.

Here at MAS, a variety of styles that can be practiced for a variety of reasons are made available. From Aikido to Eskrima, and from Combat Hapkido to Boxing, there are many more to find the right style for you.

This website aims to inform about the different techniques that can suit a variety of people with their lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, preferences, and physical and mental capacities.

About Martial Art Styles

Why are we here?

  • We are here to answer the needs for self-defense.
  • We are here to answer the necessities of keeping fit and staying physically healthy.
  • We are here to appreciate every detail, every scope, and every background of a particular style.
  • We are here to open doors for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. Having the capability to focus on a goal using our strength can bring enormous peace.
  • We are here to offer multiple styles of martial arts that one is seeking, which corresponds to his preferences, background, lifestyle, and beliefs.

What do we want to achieve?

The website aims to make combat practices as simple as possible for more practical applications. It creates an atmosphere of ease. It opens new doors of possibilities. The contents are designed to reach out and make our readers understand the importance of martial arts without the usual difficulties.

It seeks to engage readers in further understanding the art of combat practices; that martial arts, as part of every nation's tradition, can be practiced for competition, self-defense, physical health and fitness, entertainment, and mental and spiritual development.

With that being said, it is Martial Art Style's moral duty to install knowledge as conveniently as possible; to feed those hungry minds.

What it's all about?

It breaks the technical barriers, dissolves any chance of impossibility, and brings back the willfulness that may have been taken away by the fast-paced way of life.

It teaches the readers how to practice a particular style with simplicity to bring encouragement further. Gone were the days where martial arts seemed so impossible to do without exerting too much effort and so much time.

Now is the time when we take advantage of what the technology can do for us – giving us a rare opportunity to be educated, to be informed, to know. It is right here.

Because gone were the days where martial arts were something you could only see on television or read on books, and experience in schools. Leave all the obstacles behind you and focus on what you can do.

Everything that we have done in this site spells one thing – ease. The difficulty is discouraging, the complication is confusing, and intensity is intimidating. Ease, on the other hand, is soothing. With something like martial arts, which involves various disciplines, starting with ease, is always the right way to start.

What else?

Martial Art Styles does not only aim to inform, encourage, and bring out the best in everyone; it also aims to interact, share, and exchange. It wants to reach people who are as passionate as we are in exploring this world.

We want to find others who share the same willingness to undergo the same disciplines to attain personal development.

We want to create a more extensive network of martial arts enthusiasts, and send a message that martial arts are life-changing. Because it is the truth – the sooner we do, the sooner we'll find out.

Our readers can share what they know about martial arts, as well. You can send us an email if there is a style that is not listed here. Because that's what Martial Art Styles is all about. It is not just about spreading the words; it is about building an interactive community that talks about people's common interests and passion.

Spreading the Martial Art Kick

Martial arts in combat sports have become one of the most prominent practices ever since forms of sparring become competitive. Martial arts such as judo, taekwondo, western archery, javelin, boxing, and fencing are now included in The Summer Olympic Games.

Chinese wushu failed in its bid to be included in the Olympic Games but is still being actively performed in various tournaments across the world.

The inclusions of the mentioned combat arts have given people a more profound interest in pursuing a style of martial arts for the intent of competing.

In some parts of the world, a number of martial art styles had been founded to support people in their journey for spiritual development. These styles involve heavy meditation and training, which can help practitioners in gaining inner balance.

This inner balance is believed to heal. That is why meditation from training in martial arts is considered for medicinal practices in some countries.

Martial arts also serve a significant purpose in one's confidence to protect oneself and others' well-being. For this reason, martial art as a form of self-defense is a common notion. But for others, it is not a notion; it is a practice, a way of life.

Self-defense techniques under commercial self-defense education are part of the martial arts industry, as many martial arts instructors give self-defense lessons.

And finally,

Thus, Martial Art Styles look into making a contribution to help others seek for what they need. Education can start right here—nothing complicated, just what you need. You can read, you can learn, you can imagine, and you can act.

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